Thomas Muehloecker a player of scalability

Thomas is a poker player from Austria. He likes to play game of poker for all the levels which includes domestic poker game as well as international poker tournaments. Thomas has sharpened eyes and steady moves in the game.

He even loves to tackle opponent poker player in case when it is very easy for other player. Thomas is a player that likes to make the score at the Hold’Em poker event. He has many cashes at this event this makes him really good and aesthetically good poker player.

The entire tournament history we can see where he has participated is shown below. He has participated in the world series of poker tournament. He has played at domestic poker games. His records are illustrated below $316,419, he has the total cashes on his account in the entire poker tournament. Thomas has made the game of poker worldwide at international poker tournament. Total 14 casinos on his name in the international poker Series. He is a poker player who has won the game in the entire world series of poker tournament. We can win match only if we play with confidence. Continue reading Thomas Muehloecker a player of scalability

Mike Leah leads the way

Mike Leah is one of the youngest players on the poker circuit, even though he started playing way back in 2006!? It was only after he had been working in a job for 16 years that he started playing poker professionally, and his career has gone from strength-to-strength with every game since.

He has played very smoothly, and is one of the tour’s most consistent performers. He comes from Innisfil, Canada, and has made a name for himself – taking a total of $4,577,635 in winnings throughout his career of 19 career titles and 198 careers cash-outs. At the moment he is 11th rank in overall poker player of the year standings for 2015, with a running total of $701,350. Continue reading Mike Leah leads the way

Bryn Kenney is Performance Based Poker Player

He is one of the best and aggressive players of the poker. He is kind of rude. He just focuses on his game if he found some unusual thing he cannot tolerate. His attitude makes him different from another poker player.

He is basically from Long beach, United State. He has almost played in every series. Total winnings were $5,481,966 career title he won was 13. He won 165 total cashes and he was placed at 96 rank and points he gain was 810 in 2015 poker player of the year total winnings of this was $914,565.

His career graph is growing very smoothly. He is getting higher level by the end of every match. He started playing from 2007 from the 1st match he has succeeded in his goal and improving his game style. He has won ,261,679 winnings in World Series of poker. Total cashes he won was 26 and he gone through 6 final table and he won 1 bracelet in this series. In World poker tour $79,421 winnings and 3 cashes in this series. He has won $740,073 winnings in European poker tour and 4 cashes. He didn’t won any championship in both the series. Continue reading Bryn Kenney is Performance Based Poker Player

Jennifer Lam is one of the honest players of poker

Jennifer Lam is also a most beautiful poker players are basically from United States. She is a cutest poker player she suits black and she likes outing very much.Sheis master in her game. She plays very strategic game and she plays logically and patiently.

She don’t get confuse when she play. She plays for her satisfaction not for money for the reason she plays dedicatedly. She loves poker and she chooses poker as her career at her own interest. Jennifer is one of the honestplayers of poker. Poker is her passion. She has played plenty of the series. She had lived her best performance in her match.

She has won $30,109 in her career. Total 5cashesshe has won in her life time career. She doesn’t win any career. She doesn’t win any final table. She has played some largest tournaments in her career. She played world series of poker in No Limit Hold’Em game type at event 35 which was played on 21stJun 2007.She placed at 115th rank in this series and won $4334. Second last she played on 15thJun 2007 in which she placed at 27th rank the game type of this world poker series was No Limit Hold’Em championship. He won 7,816 in this series. Later she played in 13thApril 2007 in which is placed at32nd rank. Continue reading Jennifer Lam is one of the honest players of poker