Dan Harrington’s Poker Book On Top

Recently a study was done by the writer Lee Davy and 888Poker with regards to the books that are written on Poker by the Poker pro as well as others.

The objective of this study was to find out the best books in the field.

There were a number of books present on poker and for the team it was really difficult to make the list of the best ones. Among all, short listing was done and a list of 59 books is prepared by the writer and 888Poker. In the list books of poker player Dan Harrington “Harrington on Hold’em Volume 1:  Strategic Play” got the first ranking. The choice was made by the selection committee. According to the committee members, the book got the top ranking because of its content. The content in the book shows the amount of groundwork that has been done by the Harrington before writing this book.

Harrington has put exclusive details in the book related to the format of game, game playing and winning it.

The book that is in second position is Super System. The book is written by Doyle Brunson another poker pro. The book talks about the poker game and it is a very old creation. However, players of present time follow this book and its content of the book has relevance in present time as well.

The top two books are extremely nice and even if their ranking is switched, it would make no difference. Harrington shared his thought after his book becomes the best book on Poker. He said, “It is really a delightful news that my work has gotten recognized. For a writer there is nothing wonderful then that. Though, I am not a writer but, the book is my original creation on poker.”