Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington is one of the most popular poker players of all time. He is the most senior poker player in at present and has been playing the game for almost 30 years that is even before some of the many eminent poker players were even born. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the 6th of December in the year 1945. He then shifted to California and was introduced into poker by his father. Poker is one of the most popular games in the state and poker is almost synonymous with Californians.  He started playing with his father and when relatives came over as is the custom in the states; he kept on playing poker along with his academics.

Dan Harrington has had a very bright academic career; he was very good in his studies ever since school and he went on to make it to the Harvard Law School which is one of the best law schools in the world. After graduating from Harvard he practiced law and at the same time played poker. He was a very bright student and hence he picked up the game naturally. The game of poker needs a great deal of mathematical skills especially a good knowledge of probability; hence he was very successful as he always had a very keen mind. In his Harvard days he also had a keen interest in chess and he even went on to be the United States champion in chess during his college days.

Dan Harrington also played backgammon and played it at an amateur level. During his time, online poker and gamer were no popular so most of his exposure received in the local poker clubs where he was a popular member. He went on to win many events in the local club level before participating in the important professional tournaments. He played in the World Series of Poker in several editions and even went on to win the 1995 edition. He even went on to win the Poker World Tour title and he has been inducted into the Poker hall of Fame. The Poker Hall of Fame is a very elite club and hence it is an exceptional honor to be included into the club. Dan Harrington has made contributions towards the game and has helped to popularize the sport even more. Many young poker players have idolized him and he will always be America’s favorite poker face.

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