Chen Won 2017 Aussie Millions Event

2017 Aussie Millions Poker Championship third day has been a big day for player from Taiwan James Chen.

He won ANTON ring the first of the series. By winning the ANTON ring he took down the Event #2: $2,500 H.O.R.S.E. The win happened on Friday in the Crown Poker Room.

In the tournament 49 players participated, the number was the increase of 26 percent from the last year. Last year 39 participants took part in the event. Chen got into the final day having double the chip stack, compare to any other player. Now, Chen has the winning amount of $619,330 in his till date career. By winning the tournament, Chen has secured the position of fifth place on the list of All Time Money Taiwan.

The biggest win of Chen came year after year for the High Roller Macau Poker Cup tournament. In 2015, he shipped the top prize of $219,850 of the tournament. Again in 2016, he took the same event and won the prize amount of $293,044.

Dylan Honeyman of Australia entered the final day of the 2017 Aussie Millions Poker Championship in fourth place. He was the first to be the out of the tournament on the third day and to get the amount of $5,694. Honeyman now has $548,715 winning amount in his career. Aussie Jarrett Bullock plays with Honeyman, got advantage from early exit of Honeyman.

Richard Ashby the only player from England who is in the championship. On the final of say of the championship, Brit made his entry at the fifth place. Though, he played well, but unable to secure the price of third-place which was$12, 212.

Another player who entered in the final day was Rainer Quel of Australia; he entered, in third place in the chips. He finished in second place and won the prize amount of$18, 727.