2018 Fall PNPC Record Attendance

The PlayNow Poker Championship for the past few years has established a high reputation as an important stop as far as the Canadian poker schedule is concerned. The bi-annual competition would take place mostly once during springtime and once again in fall. It offers buy-in levels for players which would range from $300 up to ,100.

Series would begin with a satellite night for the Main Event which would add to endless online satellites. The championship has grown at a steady pace since 2015. In 2017, the Championship took over the McPhillips Station Casino which took place in Winnipeg. In 2018, the new home known as the swanky new poker room is located at Club Regent Casino.  The Fall edition of PNOC 2018 also saw fresh attendance records for Main Event in this year. the previous record of 200 was beaten this year with 225 entrants in this fall. As a result, the record field came up with a prize pool worth $225,000 which was segregated among 23 winners and the top spot just below $60,000.

As the day 1 came to an end, there were only 32 players left in the competition who were attempting to achieve a spot. Arian Alemzadeh successfully claimed maximum chips post 15 levels of play and completed on a high note. He also won the opening $600 event with Dylan Ellis on the previous day. Alemzadeh battled in the field successfully on Day 1 and earned stack valued 462,000. Comparatively, Norman Gautron earned the 2nd biggest stack as he collected chips valued 444,000. Wayne Haddad won ,200 on Day 2 as consolation money.

Alemzadeh was in 14th place and the final table was gathered soon after Rick Blom took over. Blom secured ample points to achieve the Player of the Series title. The outcome of his achievement is that he would now be a part of all events of 2019 Spring PNPC for no additional