World Series of Poker WSOP Main Event 2003 E06 Final Table PT04

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Jennifer Lam is one of the honest players of poker

Jennifer Lam is also a most beautiful poker players are basically from United States. She is a cutest poker player she suits black and she likes outing very much.Sheis master in her game. She plays very strategic game and she plays logically and patiently.

She don’t get confuse when she play. She plays for her satisfaction not for money for the reason she plays dedicatedly. She loves poker and she chooses poker as her career at her own interest. Jennifer is one of the honestplayers of poker. Poker is her passion. She has played plenty of the series. She had lived her best performance in her match.

She has won $30,109 in her career. Total 5cashesshe has won in her life time career. She doesn’t win any career. She doesn’t win any final table. She has played some largest tournaments in her career. She played world series of poker in No Limit Hold’Em game type at event 35 which was played on 21stJun 2007.She placed at 115th rank in this series and won $4334. Second last she played on 15thJun 2007 in which she placed at 27th rank the game type of this world poker series was No Limit Hold’Em championship. He won $17,816 in this series. Later she played in 13thApril 2007 in which is placed at32nd rank. Read more »

Poker After Dark Season 4 Episode 33 Mayfair Club Pt02

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Ban online gambling online Poker carve out

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is all set to prohibit online gaming. He also plans to dispose of the Wire Act in 2015.

At the same time, he plans on carving exclusion – online poker. The Senator is a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission and has never been in support of internet gambling however supports the thought of legal online Poker. He prepared a bill – Reid/Kyle Bill in the year 2012, however failed to push it through.

Reid told the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week that there will be a new push for a federal ban in the year 2015. He suggested that there may be steps taken to legalize Poker. He is of the view that online gaming is bad for children and an invitation to cyber crime. Read more »

World Series of Poker 2009 WSOP Ep03 pt 05

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Dan Stern a poker player with poor statistics on record

Dan a player with very less amount of cashes on his account. He is a player who has no large amount on final tables on his name.

He is a player who has won tournaments at domestic poker games. He is a player who has total casino of amount $21,301 in all poker games till today. We can notice that Dan does not have up to mark records in world poker tournament. He has no successful win either in word series of poker games or world poker tournaments. He is a player who has no good hands yet in the game of poker what we can notice in the game of poker.

Dan stern is a player who has 2 casinos on his account in entire poker tournament. He is a player who has large contribution in make opponent win matches easy with great scores. He has not yet played and won the European poker tournament. He is a player with lowest ranking in the game of poker. He is a player who has played for four tournaments at international poker game. He was not able to show his hand magic in any of poker tournaments. He has played at Bellagio Cup X where he has secured position at18 place. He is not a consistent record player in the game of poker. We can notice that he has played for EPT tournaments at poker games where he has secured 20 positions.

He is a player who needs to have good records in poker game. His skills need to be Endeavour by Dan stern from the expert poker player he has to strive hard to win many titles of poker game. He has not been recognized as a professional poker player. We can consider Dan as a new poker player with talent but need to improve his scores in all poker tournament at all levels.