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World Series of Poker and its best player

The game of cards, poker has won the popularity in the recent years. It was in the 21st century that the players were available in the virtual world too where they can earn huge lumps of money and in a safe manner too. The players of the game are greatly inspired by some of the greatest legends of this game and when it comes to legends only one name comes in the minds of the people that is Daniel Negeanu a well known poker player who has gained recognition for his skills and the titles he won from WSOP, WPT, European Poker Tour and many such tournaments.
Daniel has got six gold bracelets in his carrier while being a part of WSOP and 2 titles in the WPT. This legendary player has completed 31 table in the WSOP and 7 tables in the WPT also five final tables in the European Poker Tour. He is considered to be one of the best players of the world and still looking forward to entertain the world with his skills of playing the game.
Not a very long time ago the player made an entry in the field of poker playing but with a short period of time became one of the greatest players of the world praised by many players related to this field of playing. The guy was extremely ambitious from the beginning of his life though in the earlier periods of his life he used to work as an electrician selling electronic goods to many people. Huge money from his share of earning is given to a charity which organizes playing golf and helps the people to have food and shelter.
It was the year of 1997 when Daniel jumped in to the world of playing poker and started earning respect winning many titles and prize money. He is considered to be the best player of WSOP.

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When you think of playing games, you can never forget the playing of Poker, as this is the game of handling cards which is not so easy, whereby the professional poker players turn playing it perfectly. Among such professional Pokers, Dan Harrington is much familiar for the holding of 2 bracelets in his hands.

There are many professionals who do play the game in a perfect manner, which none of the players can do so, in general. Among such professional players, Dan Harrington is a professional player of Poker from United States of America. He was born on December 6th 1945. Being the person to have won the 2 bracelets, Dan Harrington, the player was also a member in Poker Hall of Fame. The player is really a tough and also a stiff competitive player too, whereby a conservative player also. Being the distant cousin to the professional golfer Padraig Harrington, the player is well knowable for his performance which he made in 1995 WSOP.

As Action Dan:

The player, Dan Harrington turned choosing the nickname as the Action Dan for the reason of being a stiff competitive player. The player is also the former Champion backgammon player too, as well as chess master too. It’s a matter of fact that the player has also played the game against Bill Gates. The player has previously worked as a bankruptcy lawyer. The player has the versatile working in different sections. Dan Harrington has played the Poker and has also earned the bracelets by participating 2 main events in the same year 1995, and grabbed the bracelets too. Also, he has achieved earning the WPT title, thus he is under the group of 5 people who have earned winning both WSOP and WPT titles together.

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Dan Harrington- A Brief Look.

Professional Poker players turn to be handling the game very differently. Among the professional Poker players, Dan Harrington is best known for his winning of 2 bracelets. Dan Harrington was born on December 6th, 1945 in Massachusetts. Harrington is best known for his playing Poker, whereas formerly he was a champion backgammon player and also a U.S Chess master. Harrington has won the 1971 Massachusetts State Chess Championship. Harrington worked also as a Bankruptcy lawyer too. Harrington works also in a real estate as well as stock market. Harrington turned cashing for the very first time in 1986 World Series of Poker.

Action Dan:
The very next year he turned ending in his second WSOP money finish, where he made the final table of the Main Event. This was his moment where he achieved his 6th place in the game. Dan Harrington is best known for his playing which is much more standard than the other professional Pokers. Being nicknamed as Action Dan, he turned as a runner-up at the final table in the Main Event in 1995. The very same year he achieved winning the bracelet in the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em event WSOP series. Winning 2 bracelets and earned World Poker Tour Title, Dan Harrington is also a member of Poker Hall of Fame.

Being an author to various books, Dan Harrington has written 3 books on tournament poker, and 2 books on cash no-limit games and finally 1 book on online cash no-limit games. Also, there is a very fame which Dan holds, where he is one among the very 5 poker players who hold World Series of Poker Main event and World Poker tour title. He has also played by making three other final tables where his finishes include 6th in 1987, 3rd in 2003 and 4th in 2004.

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