Katja Thater Top-Notch Player in the German Poker

The Germans are widely popular for their shrewdness in football; however, the country also boasts poker professionals who have made a breakthrough in the stormy casinos. You cannot flip the German poker heroes’ book to find the name of Katja Thater omitted.

She is a vibrant player who has ventured in fierce competition to wring out the best deal. Her consistent competition in the high-profile events infers players can still shine, in spite of their backgrounds. Undoubtedly, his magnificent resume features top-notch prizes that are highly-coveted by poker players around the globe. This German has leveraged his latent potential by realizing it at the optimal heights to clinch mouth watering accolades and cash prizes. A glance at the conspicuous winnings that she has managed sheds light on why she is the German woman to watch in top-notch games.

Thater played for Germany in a national team that played at the 2006 PNC (Poker Nationals Cup) that was held in Cardiff and also participated in the Women Poker Open, London. Suffice to say, her local poker accomplishments did not give her broadcast abroad until she clinched her initial World Series of Poker bracelet in a USD 1,500 Razz tournament in 2007. She also sailed through in flying colors when she placed 4th in the Australian Classics that took place in 2002 and also emerged USD1, 000 World Championships Ladies No-Limit Texas Hold’Em tournaments that was held in 2007. Recently, in 2010 she dominated the PokerStars.com Caribbean Adventure, Bahamas and took home $10,000.

By 2010, Thater had amassed above $350,000 in overall live tournaments. Being a German poker player, her achievements cement the sisterhood in the corridors of gambling. One cannot deny her name is indelible from the iconic poker professionals who have a winning predisposition. She is a role model for amateurs who have the aptitude to win the high-profile poker games.

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Dan Smith, winner of million championships

Dan Smith was born in America. Dan smith is a professional poker player. His total of winning cash prizes is more than $8 million. Currently he is ranked as 37th place in All-time Money List. Dan Smith won the Heartland poker tour in 2008 and got a cash prize of $101,960. He earned 7th place in EPT Barcelona open poker tournament of 2008 and won a cash prize of $30,383 in that event. He got 5 cash prizes in different events of 2010. He finished in 22nd place in WPT Shooting Star poker event in 2011 and earned a cash prize of $25,800 in that event.

He earned 3rd place in the Ireland poker tour event and earned a cash prize of $104,095 in that event. Dan Smith won Aussie Millions championship in 2012 and got a cash prize of $1,041,828 in that event. He got a cash prize total 18 times in different poker tournaments of 2012. Dan Smith won EPT 6 Max Turbo tournament in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $201,972 in that event. He won EPT No limit Hold’em event in 2012 and won a cash prize of $330,724. He won EPT 6 Max event in 2012 and got a cash prize of $155,790. He earned 5th place in $5000 No limit Hold’em poker tournament and won a cash prize of $368,943 in that event.

He won the Super High Roller event in 2012 and earned a cash prize of $1,183,100 in that event. He won World poker tour Main event in 2013 and he earned a cash prize of $1,161,135 in that event. He earned a cash prize of more than $1 million 4 times in different poker tournaments. He cashed total 9 times in different poker events of 2013. Dan Smith won $100,000 Super High Roller event in 2014 and he got a cash prize of 2,044,766 in that event which is highest a cash prize won by him in poker tournaments. He is a quiet good player of poker.

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Huck Seed, a sportsman spirit player

Huck Seed is born on 15th Jan 1969 in California. He is a professional player of poker. Huck Seed completed his electrical engineering from California Institute of Technology. He was interested in basketball in his early days. He was a star player of his football team. He left his college 1989 and started playing poker. He won the WSOP Main event in 1996 as well as won cash prize of $1,000,000. He won one bracelet in WSOP Main Event in the same year, and it was his second bracelet in WSOP events. He won total four bracelets in WSOP events.

In 1999, he was reaching up to the final table, but got 6th place in that WSOP Main Event. In 2007, he got 73rd place out of 6358 players in the WSOP Main event. He won NBC heads-up Poker Tournament in 2009 and earned a cash prize of $500,000. He was the only player who had cashed in every NBC Heads-up poker tournaments, but this record is broken in 2010 when he was defeated by Erik Seidel in the first round. In 2010, he won a WSOP tournament Freeroll and earned a cash prize of $500,000. Till 2012, his total of winning a cash prize became more than $5,900,000. He was cashed 40 times WSOP Main Event and the total of that becomes $3,331,986.

He cashed three times in World Poker Tour. His dressing style was very simple. He is very quiet playing player. He has become famous since 1996 when he won the WSOP Main event. He had ranked as number one poker player in the global poker directory in 1996. He took many bets, and one of it was, he would leave without shaving in the whole year. He is a regular player of poker. He is among the player who has cashed money number of times in WSOP main event. He was a successful player of poker. He mostly played the WSOP main event. He is not so much interested in World poker tour events. He is now 45 years old and resides in California.